What’s the Deal on Song of Songs?

Today’s Reading

“Daughters of Jerusalem, I charge you: Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires.”

Song of Songs 8:4

Take a Moment

What’s the deal on Song of Songs? If you’ve ever taken time to read from it, you may have found yourself surprised (and maybe even blushing) at the content.

Not very many teachings or studies are drawn from Song of Songs (also known as Song of Solomon). While I can understand the reasoning, I cannot go without insisting that the letters exchanged between Solomon and the woman he loves can be applied to our lives, whether you are married or single.

Today I am focusing on those who are unmarried. What can Song of Songs teach you? Our focused reading today is on Song of Songs chapter 8 verse 4, where the woman encourages her friends not to awaken love until the time is right. But when is the right time? This may be an obvious one, but let’s state it anyway. According to the Bible, the right time is during marriage, no sooner.

Our world today is centered around media

In our media-central world, it is difficult to guard ourselves against that which is spiritually damaging. Difficult, but not impossible. At the click of a button, we have access to anything we want. And now, that is even more true with the invention of smartphones. On the go, we are able to access at any time and anywhere, whatever we want. While the leaps and bounds we have made technologically-speaking are incredible, the easy-access we now have does make it more difficult to keep our minds pure and focused on God. More than ever, we are to exercise vigilance and perseverance for purity.

We can also glean from Song of Songs the image of Christ and his bride: A relationship so focused on each other and so beautiful that everyone around notices (Song of Songs 1:4b).


Make a point to keep yourselves pure, inside and out, until the time is right.

If you are interested in a Part 2, I have much more to say when it comes to this steamy book so often overlooked! Let me know in the comments.

Also, I have purchased a study on Song of Songs from She Reads Truth. I have not started on it yet, but I’m very excited to get into it! If you are interested, check it out.

282035: Song of Songs Study Book, She Reads Truth Song of Songs Study Book, She Reads Truth
By She Reads Truth

Song of Songs is unlike anything else in the Bible. It is both a poem and a love song, celebrating marriage and reflecting God’s love for His people. In a world of broken relationships, Song of Songs shows us the joy and peace that comes from covenant relationships. In this 2-week study, we will explore how Song of Songs addresses human love as well as the grander theme of the believer’s marriage to Christ—a marriage that establishes our status as full members of the family of God and heirs to the blessings of the gospel.

Note: This Song of Songs Study Book contains scripture readings, journaling space, reflection, scripture memorization, and extra tools.  Additional resources are available on the She Reads Truth site and app.

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(P. S. If you are struggling with addiction to pornography, please feel free to reach out to us for prayer and resources on how to overcome that thorn in your side!)

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